About Alan

Alan Faryna is primarily a self taught artist that studied fine arts at RIT. He has successfully taught watercolor and portrait drawing classes with the Geneseo Migrant Center. His services have been requested to do large mural works in watercolor and acrylic in western NY and  as far away as Guatemala where he spent extensive time living, working and attending University. As of now he is studying the renaissance techniques of glazing and chiaroscuro in order to come to a more extensive knowledge of the range of various materials while focusing on the fundamentals of art for bringing out the best in any media, whether it, be acrylic, oil, or watercolor painting; sculpture or pastel drawing.

His current subjects are agricultural scenery and farm animals, a return to the backdrop of his early life and a refreshing new look at the beauty of nature and farm life in the Western NY region, which he considers one of the most beautiful places on earth (during the summer months!) He has also made a return to his early strong interest in portraiture and has a strong desire to capture the subtleties of human expression that make a portrait more than simply a likeness, but an emotionally accurate likeness that conveys the proper sense of someone’s personality that may be one of the most meaningful perceptions a human can have towards others. This is an experience common to all, but the artist conveys this through the art and is able to show himself to be more than a camera, but a participant in an exchange respecting the dignity of the subject. This return to portraiture has given him a brand new appreciation of his strongly held belief in the knowledge that all mankind was created in the image of God.